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I save anything with a pretty picture on it. It can be food packaging, magazines, old books, greeting cards, advertisements, posters - you name it! I love to save these images and use them for other things. They are excellent for scrapbooking, collage, illuminating a journal or diary, or making your own gift cards. You can also use them for jewelry, ornaments, decoupage, crafts, handmade stickers, and more!

Step 1:

You will need one flattened cereal box, an Xacto blade (or a pair of sharp pointed scissors if you don't have an Xacto - but the Xacto will make your life SO much easier), anda picture to cut out.

Step 2:

Lay the image over the cereal box to protect your work surface. Cut carefully around the edge of your image with the Xacto blade. Instead of trying to move the blade around corners too much, turn the paper a little instead. If you turn the paper as you work, it will be easier to cut out detailed areas.

Now you have some clipart to use for crafts! I make mine into jewelry and use it to illuminate my journal. They are also a lot of fun to use for creating my own stationery and Christmas ornaments. The possibilities are nearly endless.

To make your own homemade stickers, try some of the homemade recipes located here.


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May. 19th, 2009 01:18 am (UTC)
How neat! I love the fairy clip art! :-)
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