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Free DIY Paper Wrapping Paper

Living in Hawaii, we find it very difficult to find many things that we need locally, especially toys. While we do have one toy store here on this side of the island, they do not sell wooden toys or quality toys of any kind. We have become accustomed to ordering toys through Amazon. Their prices are fantastic, they are always discounting and having sales and their shipping is free. It's a real deal for us.

Plus, they come with their own wrapping paper! Amazon uses wadded brown butcher paper sheets as padding in their packages. I love this stuff. When a package arrives, I carefully smooth the brown paper out on the table to use to wrap the gift that it came with. I have so much of it saved up that I don't need to buy any wrapping paper.

The paper can be used plain and is very pretty with no decoration, or you can make your own printed paper. I used a bottle of red glitter glue I found in the craft closet to make sparkling swirls on one Christmas gift this year. An old, goldfish-shaped foam stamp and some green craft paint we had laying around worked very well. You can also make a stamp out of vegetables such as apples and potatoes. Cutting an apple in half sideways makes a pretty star in a circle that makes a very festive print. You can also use a paintbrush to create polka dots or stripes.

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