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Doing Without

How to Live In Poverty and Still Have It All

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How to live in poverty and still have it all.
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How to live in poverty and still have it all.
Sometimes, no matter how hard you work or how much you try, you just can't quite make it in the world. Sometimes bad things just happen. Don't fret. You are part of the vast majority of people on the planet.

Poor living skills and depression-era living skills can be fun and useful for everyone, no matter your income level. My style of living is also good for the environment because it promotes saving energy and reusing and recycling waste as well as preserving resources. I live chemical-free and you can, too. Being poor does not mean that you can't have a healthy home or a healthy body.

Whether you are wondering how you will afford a third vehicle or wondering where your next meal will come from, I hope that you can benefit from at least some of the information here. Everything is based on my experience with being poor so far.

As you can imagine, I have very little free time. I work several jobs from home and I also care for my small home, garden, and raise a baby daughter. This means that articles posted here will be slow, few, and far between. I hope to build up information over time. Some entries will be written as articles while others will be journal-style. Many of my articles link to my articles on Associated Content which brings in a little money from pageviews so that I can afford to put food on the table, so please, if you like what you see here - click away!

I do take requests. If you'd like to see a certain topic covered, please send me a message asking for info on that topic and I will try to do my best to describe exactly how I do it with little or no money.

This is currently a view-only community. I am not taking membership at this time. Mahalo!

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